Lazzy Lung is award-winning rock band formally based in Beirut, Lebanon for nearly 2 decades. Many bar tabs later, they are 3 albums deep and have toured different parts of the world as seen in the 2013 documentary “Kids like you and Me” alongside the Black Lips. 

Presently they are based out of Dunrobin, Ontario hitting stages & studios in the nation's capitol. 

The band stood out among the region's indie-rock acts - sweeping up more industry accolades than any other independent group in the region since the release of their first album Strange Places in 2010.

Sailor's Delight was recorded in a dingy Beirut basement studio in May 2013 and was mixed at Karim Sinno's Mixdown Studio - ultimately mastered by Grammy-award-winning engineer Emily Lazar (The Foo Fighters, The Shins, Vampire Weekend) at The Lodge Studio in NYC. 

2018 the band released “Swim the Tide” an album dedicated to the frontman’s mother who was diagnosed with cancer. 
It inspired a lot of change and invited self-reflection and learning to let go. 
Aug 4th, 2020 a devastating port explosion ripped through the city affecting hundreds of thousands including the band's drummer.
The Ottawa native frontman decide it was time to part ways with the Middle East and return home.

Current Line up:

Craig Irvine - Lead Guitar
Simon Peterson - Bass
Steve Parfitt - Drums
Allan Chaaraoui -Rhythm Guitar & Vocals